Curing Brain Cancer One Cupcake at a Time

Cupcakes for Claire

Paula Mahony

Consultant Event Co-ordinator and Resource Manager.

  • Promoting fundraising events
  • Raising brain cancer awareness
  • Recognising effort
  • Acknowledging families in need

Robert Ollier

Office Manager and Website Administrator.

Lynette Glubb

Event Co-ordinator and Resource Manager.

Hope in Action

  • Creating community links
  • Fostering goodwill
  • Working with businesses
  • Encouraging fundraising activities

Claire Ollier

Brain cancer victim. Our Founder. We work in her honour.

Meet Our Team

we are supporting the cure brain cancer foundation

The Cure Brain Cancer Foundation has a plan to improve patient outcomes significantly over the course of a decade. To do this, targeted research is required, together with the funding to drive the research effort. They need your help, and your help WILL make a difference to the lives of children with brain cancer and their families.

Hosting a Cupcakes for Claire fund-raising morning tea or a similar event is a great way to socialise with friends or colleagues, whilst supporting the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation to develop treatments and pursue cures for childhood brain cancers.

Locally, nationally and internationally, Cupcakes for Claire is promoting the need for urgent research into childhood brain cancers. By engaging individuals and groups to host morning teas, funds can be generated - curing brain cancer one cupcake at a time.

Our sole focus at this time is to promote the work of Dr Charlie Teo and the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, supporting the organisation in achieving its goals. You can help out by donating online or hosting a Cupcakes for Claire fund-raiser.

Our Mission

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Cupcakes For Claire Fund-raising Events

Your morning tea cupcake event can help find a cure for childhood brain cancer

Childhood cancers are different from adult cancers, although they have the same names.

There are no treatments that are specifically designed for children, which means that the treatments created for adult cancers are being used on children. Ineffectively.

Research is vital. Effective treatments and cures need to be found. your help is needed.




for a cure


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